August 27, 2010

One salad, please. Hold the grease

Remember that time when I said my daughter was a vegetarian? And I said that I'd play her silly game? Well it turns out that it wasn't so much about her being a vegetarian at all. It was more about her hating fast food.
She really dug her feet into the ground on that one. In the past four months, she has not ordered one single thing off a fast food menu. Nary even a fountain drink. Not that that surprises me. This from the girl who boycotted Miley Cyrus for being...well, Miley Cyrus. It's kind of funny, whenever the oldest gets something in her head, she doesn't back down. She's not stubborn, she just has very strong convictions. I find this quite admirable and even a bit scary. I already have an image of a much older daughter chained to a barricade or carrying around a picket sign in front of some major corporation.
So, out of respect for Jeni's new found way of life, we have basically stopped going to drive-throughs. I have personally lost my taste and desire for the double cheeseburger. But that only depends on where I go. Today I had my first cheeseburger in weeks and it was to die for. I am a big fan of Crown Burger. Yes, that's right. That's C-R-O-W-N  B-U-R-G-E-R in case you missed it.
But back to the fast food stuff. My intake of grease and cheese and quasi-cooked meat has been the bare minimum. All right, I had a Wendy's single a week ago, but I didn't like it. I am willing to guess that since Jeni's crusade started, I have only had about 4 burgers and none of them tasted good. Until today. Today was like a dream. But after I got back to work all I could smell was the after smell of raw onions and meat and whatever secret sauce was on it and I had to wash my hands a hundred times and brush my teeth. But that did nothing for me once I had to burp. Then the whole brushing of the teeth thing was over. And even popping in the three Eclipse breath mints only hid it for a moment. I finally had to admit to myself that even the To-Die-For burger wasn't worth it. It just sat there in my stomach and it frightened me.
Thank you, Jeni, for helping me see the light. I am totally with you on this fast food thing. I have lost my taste for said fast food and I think I am going to join you. I won't, however, be chaining myself to a tree or be out there boycotting whatever it is you'll be boycotting. Not any time soon. At least I don't think so.


Laoch of Chicago said...

Good for her.

nollyposh said...

Hee! Hee! My children lead the way too! Hooray for the clever kids! (i'm sure we just bred 'em differently somehow!) <3

Krëg said...

No cheeseburgers?!?

[grabs & lights torch]


WV: comper
Someone who goes camping on an Ivy League school campus.

Tracy said...

Loved this! Wish I could convince myself of the same :)

Indigo said...

Paul and I refuse to eat fast food. If we want to go grab something out to eat, we'll find a diner somewhere with home cooking.

I have Acid Reflex due to my Emphysema and honestly, I can't eat a lot of meat. Anytime I go the spicy, greasy route I suffer for it.

In the end if I want to enjoy food, I go the healthy way. I think your daughter is a champion, in this day and age of processed junk. (Hugs)Indigo

Crystal Iris Photography said...

I had a Wendy's burger 2 days ago- after a 6 month dry spell- just was not what it used to be. The Frosty however still tasted sooo good - I guess it will take longer than 6 months for that. Kudos to you, your family and especially your your daughter.

Debbie said...

You have to admire her determination! And I'm sure we'd all be lots better off without fast food. But, every now and again...

Kathy said...

It just figures that it's Jeni who set the diet standards. What a gal! Tell her I'm with her....home cooking is my taste any more, and preferably with lots of veggies. Love you guys!!

Laura said...

Considering your health situation this was a total blessing! There is just no way that fast food could possibly be a good idea for your body. period.

We stopped eating fast food over 10 years ago as a family. It just a good choice for anybody.

There is so much we can learn from our kids when we stop and pay attention!

hope you are having a good day today.

Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...

You are right. The doctors have me on a low sodium diet and I am supposed to stay away from the usual suspects.
Lois feeds me lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Which I don't mind at all. And for someone who used to saturate his food with salt, the no salt rule has helped me a lot. It was kind of hard at first but easy when I weighed the alternative.

Debra W said...

Every now and then, there is nothing like a good old hamburger! Sometimes we just have to get back to our carnivore roots:)

Good for your daughter for taking the lead in the family about cutting out the fast-food! The availability is way too tempting for our kids and it isn't healthy for them at all.(or us!) I am glad that Lo feeds you lots of fruits and veggies. She is a very smart woman!

PS-Ah yes, Rocky Horror Picture Show. Meatloaf opened up with a song from that movie and they had a big screen in the background with scenes from the movie. Takes us back, doesn't it?


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