August 25, 2010

Full Moon Rising

Tonight we went to Park City and saw three great legendary musicians of soul and blues.
Under a full moon B.B. King inspired the women in the audience to reach out and kiss the man they were with. The King had no idea the moon was rising when he said it. It just magically worked out that way.
Buddy Guy opened the show and played some wild music and the audience was truly captivated by seeing the performer let it all out. I have no doubt in my mind that the 74-year-old Buddy Guy would have played all night if he could have. After playing a half dozen songs or more, Buddy ran up on to the hill where everyone was sitting and played to the crowd. He played a couple more songs and then turned the stage over to Al Green. 
Mr. Green played some old yet familiar songs and just about every woman who had already had more than two glasses of wine was up on her feet swaying to the music. I was thinking to myself then what Lois mentioned to me later. "You never ever really forget a concert." This was indeed the memory of a lifetime. 
I was just a teenager when most of these songs were written and in some cases just a baby boy. Our girls were with us and it is likely they will never understand what they saw tonight, perhaps three of Rock-n-Roll's most influential figures playing together for the last time.
At night's end B.B. King had most of the audience on their feet. We sang with the musician and listened to him reminisce. With the full moon rising and that kiss, how could it not be a perfect evening?


*mary* said...

Sounds like a wonderful evening. I could imagine being there through what you have described. So cool. And your girls may not know who these guys are now but they will appreciate having the experience of seeing them later.

Krëg said...

Wait, when did they start letting black people into Utah?

I'm just kidding. I know celebrities don't really count as black people.

Laoch of Chicago said...

One loves Buddy Guy. He has a blues club here in Chicago that I go to from time to time.

Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...

It was a blast. And I'm sure the girls will get that opportunity to say, "Yeah, I saw those guys back in 2010."

I have to admit, I was very happy seeing Buddy Guy. His performance was awesome.

Debra W said...

Good for you! These are the things that keep us young! Sounds like a fantastic night!


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