December 1, 2009

A Spoon Full of Sugar...

A year ago the girls made a deal with their mom. They would both quit drinking soda pop for a year if they were each paid a $100 dollars. I'm not sure how this even came about. Maybe it was a New Year's resolution gone bad and somehow mom was conned out of money? I'm guessing it went something like this:

Daughter 1.      "My New Year's resolution is to quit drinking pop for a year." 
Lois.                 "You won't do that."
Daughter 1.      "I'll bet you a hundred dollars right now!"
Daughter 2.      "Oh, me too, me too!"

Whatever happened, a deal was made and it looks like the girls will be receiving some money come New Year's Eve.
It has really been nice, though. We have probably saved ourselves a lot of money between buying pop and dentist appointments. And I am pretty sure we've made fewer dental appointments for them in the past year.
The other day while Lois and I were driving into work, Lois told me that Aly asked her if she could get her money early. She said Aly wanted to use it to buy Christmas presents. This made me smile. Aly has always had a good heart and she is always thinking of others. Whenever she does something like this it always melts my heart.
At Christmas time she is always the first to run up to the Salvation Army's Santa Claus to drop change into the bucket. In the summer she will ask if we can give the guy on the corner a buck or two. The other day while walking through the grocery store Aly asked if she could buy a couple cases of food to donate to her food drive at school.
I have always admired this trait of hers and I am moved by it each time she does it.
As we drove into work on that one morning Lois went on to say: "Do you know what your other daughter is going to buy?"
"What?" I asked.
"I don't know, probably Hot Cheetos and clothes. But I'm pretty sure she'll spend it on herself." Lois said.
And we both laughed because Lois is right. And I love her just as much but for different reasons.


Linda S. Socha said...

Hey Beaux. Life is ok here. I am having fun doing not much of anything except working. Thinking of you today . Keep me posted

Indigo said...

I came home from work one day and the babysitter pulled me aside to tell me, she had taken my daughter to the hospital with her. I was immediately alarmed something had happened to Skye. She said no, but she wanted to ask permission to take her again a couple times a week.

Apparently my little 4 year old wasn't intimidated by the tubes and machines in the sick patients and loved to talk. Since then she's grown up and gotten a little more self indulgent. But I never worry, that little 4 year old with the heart of gold, comes out when she's needed.

Wonderful way to get the kids away from drinking soda. (Hugs)Indigo

Pop and Ice said...

It's good for your girls to have goals to achieve - whether financially motivated or not. They did it and that's great! Even better if they are generous to others as well because they obviously learned it from their parents!

Martinis or Diaper Genies? said...

Where do you live??? I've never heard anyone use the term "soda pop"

Laoch of Chicago said...

A great idea really. Soda is bad for your kidneys, contributes to gout as well as being asugar machine. Hopefully they will keep it up.

Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...


Uh...what!? What do you call pop?

Chew said...

Good for your girls:) Looks like you'll be $200 short at the New Year!!

Debbie said...

So very true! We can love them equally and differently at the same time. I was just experiencing this today with two of my sons!

Vic said...

I'm tempted to try this idea with my kids.

Lorrie Veasey said...

We call it just soda. As in: "would you like a soda? Your parents will never know. Just suck a breath mint before you go home so they can't detect the mountain dew on your breath."

Pop is is a character in a book that people jump on.

Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...

Thanks for clarifying this. I thought I was missing something. Everybody back east are probably shaking their heads and saying, "Duh!".
I've never heard of this Pop character.

Pearl said...

And they broke a habit as well, so that's good, too!


Bitter_Angel said...

aww sounds like you have some good kids there.


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