October 17, 2009

The Dark Night.

The warrior looked at the woman and grimaced. He could not quite understand why she smiled at him. Her face was grotesque and it almost sickened him to look at the protrusion that stuck out on her face between her eyes. It had to be three inches long and there was some sort of lump on it. He wanted to use his laser sword that he carried on his side to remove it. It would only take him a moment, he thought. And that tall black thing she wore on her head was very strange to look at. The pointy thing hung down like it was some kind of animal and it moved every time she cackled. He saw no function for it. These creatures were so primitive.
Now she was holding a large orange object in her hands and when she set it down on the ground she reached inside of it and used something to start a fire. He did not understand how she did it. The fire seemed to jump out of a magic box. That device could prove to be functional. When he returned this way he would stop by and remove it from her hand. He was itching to use his laser. But for now he was only here to observe.
As darkness started moving across the sky he began to see them. They were everywhere. They looked like bugs crawling out of nowhere in masses. High shrill voices made him grab his ear. They were small creatures but they were different from the woman. He almost recognized some of them. But he couldn't understand how these creatures came to be grouped together. It was as if they were in alliance with each other. He had not expected this. All of them carried some sort of satchel with them and they all traveled from one lodge to another chanting the very same thing.
He stood by the corner of a lodge and watched as a group of creatures went to the doorway. In unison they screamed those same words when the door opened.
"Trick or Treat, Give me something good to eat."
It was the same thing every time and more creatures would line up behind them screaming similar words. The people inside their lodge would fill their satchels and the creatures would run into the night.
Suddenly the warrior became tense. He had never seen such a thing in his life. Somehow these creatures made him tremble for his life.
He saw more of those women; only they were a smaller breed. They all had that same protrusion hanging between their eyes. There were furry covered animals and there were men in black capes with very sharp teeth. Some of them said, "I've come to suck your blood".
There was no way his clan could wage war on this planet. The way these creatures moved together showed a sense of unity unparalleled to his planet. And the awful shrieking noise they made hurt his ear. He suddenly found himself walking in the shadows under the cover of darkness. He didn't want them to notice him. Again he heard the chanting as he passed by their lodges.
"Trick or Treat, Smell my Feet, Give me something Good to Eat!"
This was just unbelievable. They wanted food and it seemed as if you didn't abide with their demands you would have to smell their feet. He gagged as the thought occurred to him. They were all sick from disease or something. There were more creatures now. Tiny looking nymphs and angelic creatures. Robotic automatons. There were walking dead things. He would die before he smelled their feet.
"Trick or Treat!" The chanting came from the lodge behind him. He turned to look and he saw that more orange things lit up the night. They all seemed to have eyes that flickered. This was like a ceremony. There would be blood tonight. Lots and lots of blood.
The warrior was done scouting this particular pathway. He'd already seen hundreds of soldiers racing through the night and he wondered how many had already been forced to smell feet. He wondered what kind of gifts were thrown into the satchels to ward off these demonic looking creatures and how much blood had been spilled for not obeying.
"Trick or Treat!"
The warrior grabbed his ear and turned to see a small creature standing below him. It had little wings that came out of its back that appeared transparent.
"I'm a fairy." The creature said, in a quiet voice.
The warrior placed his hands over both his mouths and ran down the street snorting. His snout flung from side to side as he raced to the field where his ship was hidden. He didn't want to call attention to himself. He just wanted to leave.
There would be no battle here. They would look further.
Earth was a scary place.

By Beaux Kyle 
© 2009


Laoch of Chicago said...

: )

*mary* said...

What a great story. I Love it!

razorsandvines said...

That was great!

kristine said...

love this.

Debbie said...

Just great! I loved it.

Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...

Thanks everyone. I really enjoy Halloween time. I think it's pretty fun.
I wrote one last year called
The Mile
and it is kind of fun. You should check it out if you didn't catch it last year.


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