July 13, 2009

Open Letter to Alyson on Her Birthday.

My Dearest Alyson,
Now that you have your own Kodak camera, I hope that you are ready to part with mine. Please make sure that you wipe your grimy fingerprints off of it and carefully return it to its rightful place and owner (me). And please don't break your new camera, (because we didn't buy the extended warranty). I'm not really sure why; because you're only eleven.
With this in mind: Happy Birthday Sweetheart.

I can't believe that you are starting out a whole new decade on planet earth. I sometimes had my doubts that you would make it this far, but I will explain all this to you in another decade.
I want you to know that I love you very much. You are a wonderful daughter and a sweet blessing. You have such a kind heart and so much compassion for everyone. Animals just love you. You are like the zoo whisperer. If I ever end up in a lion's den I would want you to be there with me (I am not joking). If I ever go on safari, I want you with me. You have such compassion for others but I wish you would stop watching the news. It breaks my heart when I see your face when there is something bad on (which is all the time) because your empathy for others is just so powerful. But your kindness is extraordinary. I've seen you cry for strangers because their plight in life has affected you so much. Sometimes I think you're a very old soul in a very little body. I love that when you go to bed you try very hard to include everyone in your prayers, but sometimes I'm pretty sure you're just pushing to stay up late when you start talking about the tree that fell over or the bug that got squashed.
Happy Birthday Sweetheart. And please consider this your birthday card because I forgot to buy you one.

Love, Daddy.


Laoch of Chicago said...

Nice. 10 is a fine age. So much promise.

JennyMac said...

What a sweet note (and funny too). Great pics.

*mary* said...

Happy Birthday, Alyson!

What a great post. This beats anything Hallmark ever had to say anyway. plus, you can tell her you are doing it to save trees. Great idea, Beaux!

kristine said...

Happy Birthday Alyson!

How wonderful to have a new camera! Perhaps your dad will post some of your photos. It would be lovely to see the eyes through the compassionate soul of an eleven year old.

Many good wishes for you in your eleventh year!

Pop and Ice said...

How wonderful to have her first camera! And hopefully you get yours back as well. I'm sure she'll have great clicky fun with it!

jenX said...

Oh, such a sweet letter. I was very close to my father as a little girl and I can tell you, these letters mean so very much to me now. They did then, but really - even more now. There is something so special about the love between a daddy and daughter. I get to experience again through my 2 year old and husband. Very special! I have an 11 year old - what a priceless age. I love it!

Sunshine said...

Happy Birthday Alyson... she is adorable very cute... I love the way you posted the pictures and described it very well....

May God brings you all the happiness and properity in life Amen.

God Bless

Bj in Dallas said...

Great letter to your daughter, I need to write M2 a few more of those.
I love that you think she is an old soul, I think that of my daughter too some days.

Happy Birthday Alyson!

Debbie said...

I love the letter and the photos of her through her life.


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