July 18, 2009

A Moving Story

If you haven't already heard of 5 year old Kate McRae then you should visit Maggie May's blog at Flux Capacitor or stop by Here or just visit the internets to find other stories about this young girl.
About three weeks ago Kate McRae had a tremor in her right hand and was taken to Phoenix Children's Hospital for a CT scan. Holly McRae; Kates mother, soon learned that Kate had a massive brain tumor the size of an egg and that she needed surgery. Holly called her husband Aaron shortly after that and the whole families nightmare slowly started to unfold.
You can read more of Holly and Aaron's journal pages at


Laoch of Chicago said...


kristine said...

A little too close to home. Why a five year old? Why? Such the most lovely age.

I like the photo you have as the header. It's new I think (I'm a bit spacey - so if you've had it up for a year - I apologize!)

Thanks for reminding me once again, to live, each, day, fully and in joy.

Thanks for your nice comment too

and I loved your birthday post to your daughter!!!!

Sunshine said...

I didnt know about that...My prayers are with the family.... I wish for her quick recovery I am feeling so sad to hear about it

God Bless

JennyMac said...

This makes me cry, cry, cry. UGH.


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