December 20, 2008

Ten things I Learned About Myself Tonight.

You know your getting round when:
  • You get in the bathtub and you notice that you don't have to fill the water level up as high as you used to.
  • When you put on a pair of dress pants and have to yell for your wife to come help you button them up as you suck in your gut, only to find she's got her finger stuck and can't get it out.
  • A month ago you weighed 10 pounds less.
  • You start petting your stomach as if you were pregnant or it was an animal.
  • You start running out of clothes to wear because they're all too small.
  • You start looking at your profile in the mirror after you've taken a shower.
  • You are consciously aware that when you get in the car you are pulling out an extra length of seat belt strap so that you can buckle yourself in.
  • You are sitting further away from the table (and it's not by choice).
  • You notice you can no longer see your feet when you are standing up.
  • You keep petting your stomach.

Man...I never saw that coming.


kwr221 said...

Welcome to the Club. :-X

zakary said...

Getting old is a beeotch!

Linda S. Socha said...

Hope springs eternal...This may remotivate me to go back on the right food plan!:>)
I am new to your blog and enjoyed the post
Stop by and say hello if you are out and about

Nancy said...

I just started looking at your blog and I assume you are talking about ascites here.......I never had any ascites although I did have a huge problem with edema in my legs and ankles a year ago....pre transplant.

When my kidneys shut down post transplant and I gained almost 40# of fluid in 2 days.......well, I know what you are talking about... I found myself rubbing my belly, feeling much like I was pregnant....

I am still making interesting observations about my new body post transplant.....things have definitely changed..... :-)

From The Real Life.......


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