December 18, 2008

my worst week

Have you ever watched that show 'Worst Week'? It's about a guy who gets married to his girlfriend and no matter what he does to try and impress her parents everything he does goes wrong. It doesn't matter what it is, at every corner and every turn, something horrible happens.
That has been how my week has been. Without the getting married part or impressing parents. I've just had a lousy week.
Like right now I was going to go on a rant and I just now realized that a fellow blogger just did that the other day. But I'm going to continue because maybe it will help me feel better.
I have had a cold since Saturday and I was suppose to go back to work yesterday. So I have taken two days off and I wish I didn't have to use up my sick time. But I wish I could afford to take the whole week off.
Today I started making spaghetti and I finished browning the hamburger and I chopped up some onions and fresh tomatoes and whatnot and I opened the cupboard to find no tomato sauce, tomato paste or ragu sauce. Then I put a hole in my laundry room wall so that I could replace a dryer vent hose, only to find that I was four feet away from where I should of put the hole. So now I have two holes in my laundry room wall. Then I had to wait for the wife to get off work so that she could grab me some spaghetti sauce and a hose clamp so that I could finish drying the laundry I had started this afternoon.
My wife had to give me a shot the other night in my leg and it feels like somebody took a dull butter knife and stabbed me in the leg and twisted it. This is a shot that I am going to be taking once a week for a year. I have only had three shots. It's going to be a long year.
I have not bought one Christmas present yet. I also have presents I need to send but I haven't had the time to do that either. Dinner sucked and I still have laundry to finish.
How's your week been?


Krëg said...

I'm in the same boat when it comes to Christmas presents.

For all the "bad" that this week has piled on, how far do you have to look for "good" in your world?

Word Verification: stions
The Roman soldier's helmet was festooned with stions


You got me there, not very far.

Cingstu: It as if the meadowlark cingstu the sky.


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