August 28, 2011

Open note to Lois (or how I got my crush)

   It was the first weekend in July. We were a day late. We'd missed the wedding. There was a cacophony of laughter coming from inside the house and soon the voices made their way outside on to the lawn to greet us.
"Where were you?" and "What happened?" echoed among all of us. After explanations there was a brief round of introductions. I had met your family before. Another time. Another place. Another occasion. One less friendly. Not hostile, just mournful.
You said, "Hello" and it resonated with laughter. Your smile made me smile. I remember it well because it gave me goosebumps. Then there was that pitter-patter your heart does when it has a crush. That weekend we became inseparable. We laughed and smiled and shared things people just don't generally speak about.
Later there was the brushing of skin when our hands found each other. And towards the end of that weekend we managed a hug under the pretence that we were saying goodbye to each other.
Days went by. My heart ached like no other. You were in my head all day. You were in my sleep. And then one day there was a call. Later I was at the airport. When I saw you we smiled and there was that "Hello."
I will never let that go.


Laoch of Chicago said...


Tracy said...

Love this! And I'm so glad you missed my wedding ;-)

Debra said...

Such a loving tribute to your lovely wife and a happy marriage!

I hope that you are doing well.


nikki said...

So sweet! We think about you guys often. We hope everything is going as well as can be expected.


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