October 31, 2010

Pretty Penny Part II

Pretty Penny (Part 2)

Bob Sanders stood frozen in his front yard. Thomas and Billy waved at him as they approached.
"Hey, guys," Bob said.
"Did you just hear something weird?" The two boys asked.
"I'm not real sure what I heard, but I think it's underground."
"Dude," Billy looked at Thomas, "There's no way I'm going down into the sewers."
"How do you know it's underground?" Thomas asked.
Bob looked at him and he appeared to be a little frightened. "I know because I stood right here in this yard and I heard the noise when it started way up there and ended when it got way down there." The boy pointed at one end of his yard and then to the other.
"It's Pretty Penny!" Billy said.
"We don't know that." Thomas replied.
"It wasn't Pretty Penny," Bob Sanders slowly shook his head.
"Why do you say that?" The boys both asked.
"Because whatever it was, Pretty Penny was chasing it." 

Pretty Penny was sitting on her haunches in front of a storm drain. She had her head was cocked sideways and she was whimpering.
The boys had only gone another block when they saw her. She turned and looked at them and bared her teeth.
Thomas got off of his bike. He squatted and took one knee and called her, "Here girl. Come here Penny." Pretty Penny whimpered and ran to Thomas. She jumped up into his lap and he picked her up.
"What is it, Penny?" Bob asked. She wagged her rear and looked at the boys. Thomas thought he saw her smiling.
"I can hear it!" Thomas said.
The three of them moved closer to the storm drain and listened. They could hear running water and the sound of heavy breathing.
They all stepped back.
"I am definitely not going down there now!" Billy said. 

From the time when Thomas stood on his porch; to when Molly Carver came up behind Billy and him, and to when the three boys gathered in front of the storm drain listening to the heavy breathing, only 15 minutes had passed. Since then ten more minutes had passed and three things had happened. The first thing was that they had all managed to scare themselves. Secondly, Pretty Penny was going crazy and was trying hard to access the storm drain and the third thing, which was perhaps the most important of them all, was that the Trick or Treaters were all coming out.
The sound of laughter and high pitched screaming began to fill the night.
"We have got to warn them." Billy said.
"Really, what are you going to tell them?" Bob asked, "Hey, we got a heavy breather out here."
Just then, they all heard a loud whimper and turned toward the storm drain.
"Guys," Thomas said, "Where's Pretty Penny?"
They all started looking around and were frantically calling for the pug. And then something awful happened. Molly Carver was standing in the midst of them. She looked at them and her face was full of panic. "Pretty Penny?"
"We had her," Billy said, looking at the drain. "But I think she went down there."
The hole that Penny had been working on was bigger, just enough for the small pug to slip through. Molly Carver was about to scream, but she heard a strange and familiar noise coming from the drain pipe that made her jump and suddenly Pretty Penny was barking. The noise coming from out of the drain sounded like terror. And as if it were all on cue, lightning struck and the street lamps all flickered and went out. The only light there was came from the jack-o-lanterns on the street.

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Linda S. Socha said...

Wow So what Happened to Pretty Penny!!

Love the writing and the way your blog is looking!


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