July 5, 2010

In the Moment

Each Fourth of July weekend the family has usually gone to Ogden, Utah, for the big Hot Rockin' Fourth of July Festival thing that they have going on. The last two years the girls have gone without us and spent time with the family. This year was a little different. The girls were invited by Lois' niece Tracy (and their cousin) to go camping in the mountains afterward.
This has been one of the things that they have been dying to do for a very long time. I am anxious to hear the details of how the night was spent sleeping on the cold ground, slapping mosquitoes and using the facilities of the great outdoors for an outhouse. I have been somewhat reluctant to take them camping anywhere for this very same reason. It was just this year that Lois proposed the idea once again of maybe taking the girls on a camping trip. We had just spent a morning up Millcreek Canyon and the thought of spending time in a nice manicured campground didn't seem like a bad idea. And besides, I was once a child and I remember having that same desire to go run and frolic in the woods. At least if I get cold and tired and scared from the thought of catching West Nile Disease, then I can just curl up in the Toyota Forerunner (which is where I'd be sleeping anyways, I'm sure). 
I suppose I could handle this. Just because I'm almost 50 doesn't mean I should deny the girls this kind of opportunity. And there are no rules when camping. Just because the girls would be sleeping on the ground doesn't mean I have to.
Anyways, what I really wanted to say had nothing to do with camping. I just got sidetracked.
Lately Lois and I and the girls have just been taking things slow. We've kind of developed this free sense of adventure. Most often we have been taking a lot of short road trips and wandering around the valley taking lots of pictures. I'm going to have to find a place where I can download them because all my cards are starting to get full. We have also found a lot of cool things around the valley that we otherwise would be oblivious to. It's a lot like stopping to smell the roses.
Everything seems less important these days. We seem to take one day at a time. It is not always that easy because you still have to plan, but for now it seems to be working out between work and doctor appointments and time off. We are hoping to make it to Yellowstone again this year. That would be fun and I know the girls would love it. My only worry is that there's no cell phone reception where we go and that is not good when you are on a transplant waiting list. For the time being, we are living in the moment and things are good there.


SabiSunshine said...

Hello Dear

Camping is lot of fun and once in a while, we all have to enjoy this.. 50 doesnt mean you stop living your life. Enjoy every moment and second with full of fun.

Old saying is Age doesnt make you old your heart makes you Old... If your heart is young, no matter how old are you .. you will be still enjoying it.

Be the person you alway want to and enjoy your life with yound heart not age.

GOd Bless

kristine said...

Loved reading this. We should all live life in the moment. Small road trips are the best! Not so much packing to do and new discoveries always just around the corner.

Love the idea of camping. I don't like sleeping on the ground but for some reason I really love eggs cooked over a camp fire and coffee underneath some wonderful trees. Go camping if you can work up the mindset for it. It will be a wonderful time for the girls and you might even find you like it.

*mary* said...

Those road trips sound wonderful. I plan on taking Violet camping for the first time soon. That should be interesting! Can't wait to hear how your girls fared in the wilderness.

Laoch of Chicago said...

My dad's idea of camping was a luxurious Winnebago with a microwave and a tv. I guess he did not pass down a love of the outdoors because the only way I would go camping is post nuclear war holocaust like situations.

Indigo said...

I'm constantly rejuvenated by road trips. The more winding and seldom used roads appeal. I've already decided my next house will be deep in the woods, somewhere in the endless moutains of NY.

I truly believe taking the time to enjoy life is essential, kind of like needing to breathe. (Hugs)Indigo

Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...

I'm not sure what's going on with blogger. I have received a few comments on this post but, for some reason they are not showing up on the post. Comments have made it to my e-mail, but they are not showing up in the comment box.
I just want to let everyone know that it is not something I am doing. I am not blocking or deleting any of your comments. It must be something that's happening with blogger.
Is anyone else having this problem?

Sabi Sunshine said...

Hello Dear,

How are you doing? Waiting for your new post..

Sabi Sunshine

Laura said...

Truth is, this moment is the only one we ever have....we hope that there will be many "this moment's" of course, but since we don't know, living with an intention to embrace each moment with courage, presence and love is the absolute most we can plan for. Lois and the girls are all so blessed that you are really "here" for them as much as you are with all your physical suffering. You are an inspiration to me Beaux!
Gentle steps.


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