February 28, 2010

Quit Spamming me Spammers

Not a lot happening. I got kind of sick and we had to adjust some of my medications, but I am doing better now. Then I actually caught a cold and took some time off of work. I am just getting over that.
I have been doing my best to keep up with everyone's blogs, but I have to admit I have missed some.
Meanwhile I have been watching the Olympics and I have discovered I love figure skating just as much as I love speed skating. Ever since Lois and I got to see Apolo Ohno in the 2002 Olympics here is Salt Lake, I have become a big fan. There is something magical about the Olympics. It's as if all the unrest in the world disappears for a couple weeks and we're all on the same team. Sure there is all the rivalry, but generally without the hostility. Plus watching figure skating while listening to Metallica in the background is also kind of fun.
Also, my oldest turned into a teenager on the 22nd. I was going to blog about that but didn't. That might give you an idea about how crappy I was feeling. Happy Birthday Sweetheart! This morning she actually said, "Remember back in the day when..."
Sometimes I really question her age. Her favorite group is the Beatles and she is always talking about Bob Marley. 
I also spent this morning cleaning up spam and I have turned back on my word verification for a little while.

(Okay, I changed my mind, C I. This is a real post)


*mary* said...

Glad your med changes have helped some! And it is a sign of good parenting that your child has good musical tastes! Happy birthday to your baby. I mean TEENAGER. And good job to you and Lois! ;)

Laoch of Chicago said...

As my brother would say, "Bob Marley rules, man."

~*~ Crystal Iris~*~ ~*~Photography~*~ said...

This perfect little post made me smile- even though it is not a "real post". I am so glad to hear you managed to get through your cold (sorry of course that you were not so good on your daughters birthday.)

What is most interesting to me about this post is I found out today that you are in SLC. I flew into SLC yesterday and am staying with friend out near Park City. We were at the Utah Jazz game last night! I feel like you are right here- Virtual-shmirtual, So look for photos of your fair city on my next blog post.
ANd the Olympics have been fun- I think my husband will be relieved that Appolo Ono won't be distracting me any more. Sorry for such a long comment
hugs to you and your family.

Laura Hegfield said...

I'm sorry you've been so sick Beaux:( My youngest turned 13 (going on 25)this past December...it is odd, isn't it? Bob Marley, huh?

Feel better soon my friend!

Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...

I am doing much better with the med change. As far as the music, I have no idea where she came up with these guys.


Crystal Iris,
How fun. Did the Jazz win?

I am much better. Thank you again for the blog award! I hope you are feeling well.

Barry said...

Happy Birthday to you daughter, and please tell her she has GREAT taste in music.

Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...

Thank you, I will tell her. That seems to be the consensus here.

nollyposh said...

Everyone needs time~out, think of it that way and enjoy... X:-)
(Ps) How lucky to have a teenager that likes music that YOU can listen to and your ears don't bleed! (Well actually i'm lucky like that too, but THEY don't like MY music sighhhh...)

Lilly said...

Oh sorry to hear you were not feeling well but I hope things are much better now. It's good to take a break from blogging - took me 3 months to get back to it,,,,,a teenager no less. Good luck lol!! And I so enjoyed the Olympics too.


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