February 17, 2010

For Whom the Bells Toll

I have been following a blogger lately named Barry. Barry and his wife live in Toronto and if you don't already know this gentleman, then you should drop by and peruse some of his posts. He has an eloquent way with words and has a brilliant way of expressing himself on paper. Or in this case I suppose we should call it cyberspace.
Barry is doing something fun tomorrow (on the 18th) and hundreds of followers are joining in, including Lois and myself. Go visit Barry's blog and see what the Bell is all about. It is a refreshing idea that another blogger named Anvilcloud came up with to help Barry celebrate tomorrow's event. I think it is ingenious and an inspiration.


Laoch of Chicago said...

This is a worthy site. Thanks for posting the link.

Anonymous said...

Ringing my bells with you. Blessings

Skip Simpson said...

The bells rang in Alabama at 2!


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