October 26, 2009


When Lorrie Veasey from Our Name is Blog first said that she was going to send Krëg our way, I was a little apprehensive...what with the children and all. I thought my girls might pick up some bad habits. But as it turned out, I think they all swapped some ideas.
Like there was the time when I caught the girls showing Krëg how to fill up water balloons to throw at people. I was going to talk to them about it and tell them not to encourage him, but then he decided to show them it was much easier chasing people with a water hose.
When we first picked up Krëg, he had just stepped off the fun bus from Wendover, NV. We asked him how he did but he just held his head down and seemed a little reluctant to talk about it. Somehow he overshot Salt Lake by over a hundred miles and wound up in a casino.
Krëg said that he was really starving because he hadn't eaten anything for three days. He asked if we could go Red Lobster. We were sorry to inform him that we didn't have a Red Lobster. 

First night out on the town

After dinner we took him out to see an NBA Jazz game. He seemed to really enjoy that. By the time it ended it was pretty late so we took him home and showed him the guest room.

 Jazz game

The following day we took Krëg to the Great Salt Lake, unfortunately the seagulls kept attacking him. Later we decided to take him river rafting up on the Green river and he thought that was pretty cool.

 River rafting

 The next day Aly had a field trip and he decided to hang out with her and her class because Lois and I had to work. I thought that was real nice of him.

 Krëg on the school bus.

 Krëg telling the school kids where to go.

When they got back, the girls talked Krëg into rocking out with them for a jam session. They even talked him into wearing their band outfits. I think he was a real good sport about it.

Jeni and Krëg

Alyson and Krëg

We were going to take Krëg around town and show him some of the local sites, but even we realized that letting Krëg loose in downtown Salt Lake City was probably not a good idea. So we did the next best thing and took him up to Park City. Krëg wanted to go to a bar but I explained to him the alcohol content is only .032 percent.

Park City, Utah

"Are you sure you want to go that route?" I asked, "You may have to drink 23 beers to get a buzz. Plus, I guarantee they won't let you on stage to play in the band in this state. You need to have something like a business license to get onstage. And, if you get caught drinking while you're playing, you will have to pay unbelievable fines."
"That's just ridiculous," he mumbled, "I think I want to go back to Dallas."

Five minutes later Krëg was gone. We went looking all over for him but we couldn't find him. One person said they might have seen him hitch-hiking with a Colorado sign in his hand. But then they changed their mind and said it could have been Canada.
We had a good time though, and I hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation, Krëg, and make it home safely.


Laoch of Chicago said...

The jazz game, how cool!

Krëg said...

Sadly, I'm used to weak beer. It's an Oklahoma law too. :(

Tracy said...


ZDub said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! This is awesome!

I'm glad he got to jam with the girls!

Jen said...

Too funny!

Lille Diane said...

I've been rafting on the Green River. Some of my finest memories! I think I'm confused who Kreg is... Maybe I have to dig deeper into Kregville... LOL


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