June 9, 2009

A Baby No More

Several years ago Lois and I built a house in a newer subdivision. We were living in a small red brick bungalow located about 10 minutes from where Lois worked downtown. Jenifer was only a few months old when we decided we had to move someplace different. In fact, Jenifer had just had heart surgery when she was 11 months old and we had barely moved into the new house. This house. It was somewhere in that time frame when she learned how to walk. She came home after her surgery and we couldn't keep her down. She was insistent that she was going to climb stairs and that was all there was to it. And so, we put up gates. There are still holes in the walls in the family room.
It seemed like a few weeks later I was taking her to kindergarden. I still have vague memories of those trips that first year. I remember the mornings when Lois and I would sometimes drop her off together and Lois would kiss her goodbye and as we left Jeni would follow her back out the door. And how she looked so sad as we explained we had to go. Wet-eyed, but not really crying, she would go stand with her teacher and eventually her new friends.
Today, seven years later, she didn't want to stand by her teacher (or her parents). She wanted to run around school with her friends and say goodbye to everyone.
As the Grade School Class of 09 ran through the halls, it was something of a big event. Jeni was one of the first wave to attend this newly built school. Today, many of those same children who walked into that school seven years ago to attend kindergarden, all walked out together for perhaps their last time. New schools and seventh grade awaits. Graduating from 6th grade to 7th doesn't seem like a big deal. But for the school it was kind of a milestone. The first children to attend were now leaving and the school played it up that way. Somewhere between the award certificates, the student recitals and the attendance trophies I got a little teary-eyed. I leaned over and mumbled to Lois how we just dropped her off here for kindergarden the other day.
They say that time flies. That in a minute tomorrow's gone. That in a blink of an eye you have memories. Today I got to see a little of that.
Congratulations, Jenifer!


*mary* said...

Congratulations to Jenifer! It does fly by. I am getting sad just thinking about it and Violet just turned two last month and she's supposed to start headstart next year. Slow down, please!

Pop and Ice said...

Moving on from Elementary to Middle School/Junior High is a big thing! In terms of education, that move had the most effect on me than any other in the last half-century :)

While I was in elementary school, I attended four different schools, although I never moved. The city basically grew up around me and was expanding so rapidly that I started out at a school more than a mile away till I ended up a one less than a block away. And I piddled away elementary school, not applying myself and getting lots of report cards that said I needed to apply myself and to stop chewing my hair.

I was seriously scared of Junior High. The new friends, the actual schoolwork that I was sure I was going to fail as I didn't pay attention in elementary. I was so scared that I catapulted myself into a 4.0 in Junior High after a very lackluster elementary career. I also attended my first dances and had my first kiss in Junior High.

So this change for your daughter might be bigger than you think and in ways you never contemplated.

Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...

Pop and Ice, Duly noted. And she has already voiced her apprehension about this new school.
I had a terrible time in school. I dropped out in the 7th grade and then was accepted back into school the following year into the 8th grade. I did the same thing the following year. I finally left school in the 9th grade. I always did manage to keep good grades, but I couldn't adjust to some of the people in school. Mostly the bullies and the thugs and the teachers. Eventually I got my high school diploma and came out with above outstanding scores. I understand all about schools moving closer. I grew up in Tucson and it seemed like I went from one new school to another each year.

Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...

Deep breaths Mary. Deep breaths.

Sunshine said...

I love the picture of the house so beautiful .....

Maggie May said...

Your blog is stuffed full of life. Hi, there, glad to meet you.


Lilly said...

Congratulations to Jenifer indeed. And to her wonderful parents too!!! Time does fly so enjoy the next years of high school too!

Debbie said...

It does go by so fast. I am at another college orientation right now! How did that happen?

Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...

Sunshine - It was a beautiful rainbow.

Maggie May ~ You are in my thoughts and prayers. My best to you and your family.

Lilly ~ Thanks for the props. I am so proud of both of my daughters.

Debbie ~
I don't even want to think about college for a while.


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