May 10, 2009

Interplanetary Backseat Car Rides

Ten minutes after leaving Salt Lake City on our way to Ogden this morning, I started to tune into the conversation that was happening in the back seat of the car between Jenifer and Alyson. It was actually more like a cacaphony of noise. Aly was imitating the sounds of machine gunfire and Jeni was doing this Jetsons spaceship travelling noise that sounded like BBBbbbb bub bub bub ba ba ba buh buh.
I sat there listening to the girls laughing as they dodged meteors and asteroids while they flew through whatever wormhole they were in. And then suddenly everything changed. The motion of everything in the backseat of the car had changed to sslooowww mmoottionnn.

"NNnnnooooo!" Jeni hollered in an uncanny voice simular to Arnold Schwarzenegger. "Dddooonn'tt ddooo tthaaatt. Wwee'rre ggoooiinngg ttoooo eexxpploooddde. Ttheyy'lll bbeee a
nnuuucleearrr bbllaaastt!"

"Watch out!" Aly yelled. "There's more aliens. Full speed ahead."

"Yyoouu haavvee ttooo twiisstt tthooose 3 wiiirres toogeettheer. Hhuurrryyyy!" Jeni screamed.

"I'vve ggoott iit."

More gunfire echos from the backseat and the sound of alien spacecraft flying (BBbbb bub bub bub bu bu buh buh) all around. And more Arnold screaming, "Dddooonn'tt ddooo tthaaatt."

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Laoch of Chicago said...

This nuclear blasts are a bit unfortunate.

Chelle said...

Nobody went in a headlock and started tattling????

Something Happened Somewhere Turning said...


Actually the oldest grabbed her sisters hand and explained that she was going to find her pressure points. She proceeded to push on her hands and ask, "Does this hurt?"
"Does this hurt?"
"Does this hurt?"
"Ow! Yyeeaah."
This went on for a little while. But no, there was no headlocks or tattling. It was more like a passive aggressive thing.


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