March 9, 2009

What Was He Thinking?

I am pretty sure that it was Benjamin Franklin who first introduced the idea of daylight savings time. But it wasn’t until a hundred years later or so that some other nitwit decided it was a good idea.
I personally can’t stand it. The idea of changing the clocks around twice a year so that we can save energy is a brilliant concept but, I would kind of like to see the world in its natural state from time to time. I work from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. so I usually go to work when it’s dark and for half a year I come home in the shadow of twilight.
I also have enough trouble with my internal clock that I don’t need someone else screwing around with it.
Like today. Last night I didn’t go to bed until 3 a.m.; so today when I woke up it was eleven o’clock. That means I will probably be equally confused tonight so that I won’t wake up until noon tomorrow. I am just happy that Sunday, Monday and Tuesday is my weekend so I have some time to adjust. My kids on the other hand don’t have that luxury. When they lose an hour of sleep it is never pleasant. It is not so bad in the fall when they gain an hour and they wake up all refreshed and are nice to be around, but spring time sucks. Nobody wins in the spring. The kids are ornery, the parents are mean and no matter what the time police have to say about saving energy it’s nothing but a big fat disruption. I’m guessing people who wake up an hour early or an hour later don’t wind up having a good day. I mean…nobody likes to lose sleep or wake up late for work.
The thing I hate the most about DST is setting all the clocks. T.V.s, Vcr’s and all the house clocks. Lois normally does the stove and the microwaves and I usually do all the recording devices right away. And when I say right away that usually means a few minutes before I have to record something. The house clocks are a little different. They get set whenever I get around to it. Like our kitchen clock requires getting on a barstool - I don’t usually change that until summer if it's springtime and don’t change it until winter if it is in the fall. So for half a year it's just wrong. One year I changed it about two month before it was time to switch it back.
I think Benjamin was a pretty wise man, but what was he thinking?


*mary* said...

I know. This has messed Violet's schedule BIG time. Ugh. What WAS he thinking?

tkdmama said...

Amen!!!! I hate the time change. Leave it the hell alone!

Chelle said...

Dude. I am still not over this.

What if we ALWAYS set our clocks BACK instead???

What a good idea, self. I like setting my clock back.

Lilly said...

I so agree with you. its the same for me. I just get used to it and then its time to change again.


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