March 27, 2009

I am the Turtle

The other day I mentioned in a post that I had to hang some curtains. I have been talking about it for weeks. Every day I passed by my youngest daughters bedroom I would glance at her window and mumble that I had to hang some new shades. Well...I finally broke down and bought some venetian blinds about a week ago. I really want to put up some wood blinds to match the rest of the house but hey...I'm saving for a liver so the venetian blinds will have to do for now.
It took me about a week to break through my period of procrastination before I set to the task, and for me that is really fast. It's kind of like comparing dial-up to DSL. I mean I finally sent out a box of books I started collecting for a friend of mine this past summer for Christmas. She finally got them the day after her birthday which was the first day of spring. That was last Saturday. That is like 9 months after I started up her little care package. I. Am. Turtle. Slow.
Anyhow, I was very pleased with myself for not taking 3 months to do this. Well today I came home and I passed by the youngest daughters bedroom to glance at my achievement and I found this.

Needless to say I was a bit flummoxed. Where were my blinds? My nice pretty antique white blinds? Surveying the room I could tell that they were not present. I figured this meant that there was a story (and a good one at that to be sure), but I didn't ask about it because of what I might hear. When I walked into my bedroom I found this lying on my bed,

And this. I'm pretty sure they didn't look like this this morning.

After thinking about it for a moment, I suddenly remembered that I had never finished hanging these blinds. Lois and I had to run to the doctors and I didn't have time to finish adding this piece.
This is the little doo-hickey thingy that mounts in the center of the blinds to give it support so that when you pull down on the cords to raise and lower them they won't fall.
I specifically remember telling myself that I had to remind the girls not to mess with the shades until I was done fastening that last piece. Oops.


*mary* said...

Oops! That is how my dining room blinds are. Guess what? They have been that way for over a year! I have to be very careful when adjusting them because we don't even know where the doo-hickey is now. Hahaha, oh well. I'm sure you can exchange the blinds with no hassle. They shouldn't have snapped that easily.

I am really bad about sending things out, too. I wasn;t before I ha Violet. I was very prompt. But now, not so much. My sister got her Christmas package after Valentine's Day. Hey, better late than never I guess.

Lorrie Veasey said...

I hate hanging blinds and curtains. Last time I had to do it, I got so lazy that I NAILED those suckers up there. I thought I was a freeking genius to find away around the whole screwgun thang. Now I just nail EVERYTHING up. Nothing opens or closes, but it makes quick work of a dirty job.

FYI: 9 inch nails are best.


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