January 17, 2009

Security Breach

My wife called me at work yesterday to remind me she had to go to a wedding reception after I got off work.

"Okay." I said.

"Oh yeah, and the girls locked themselves out of the house," my wife informed me.

"???" I thought.

"But they're okay because they broke in the house. It took them about ten minutes."
"What happened to their keys?"

"Well, I'm not sure. But I think one of them used the other one's key to unlock the door and then set it down somewhere. Well...it must have happened twice because both of their keys are lying somewhere in the house."

"Huh," I muttered, "How did they get in the house?"

"I'm not really clear on that. Ask them when you get home."

I spent my last hour at work pondering how my youngest broke into the house. I was somewhat disappointed that my two daughters had lost both of their keys -- at the same time.
But I was also proud of my daughter for figuring out how to get in the house in the first place. I ran a couple of different scenarios through my head, thinking: This is what I would have done. I was also disappointed in myself. After I ran everything through my head I came up with one conclusion. They either broke a window, or a window was left open. I was pretty certain that they had not resorted to breaking a window. But I also couldn't imagine that we'd left a window open. Hmm.
Knowing my daughter, I realized she must have jimmied a window open and crawled inside and unlocked the door. Our youngest has always been a problem solver. She has apparently inherited my OCD tendencies and when she runs into a puzzle, she will beat it to death until she has found some sort of solution.
When I finally got home I drilled the girls about their house keys and then I questioned them about how they got in. I was stunned to hear about the youngest's endeavors. Because we live in a multi-level home, I assumed she had gone through a ground floor window. Such was not the case.
Now, I'm not going to tell you exactly how she did it, because that's just stupid. But I will say my daughter didn't use a ground floor window. She went one level up (a few feet off the ground) without the use of a ladder and opened the door without ever entering the house. Brilliant.
Now she's going to have to master keeping track of her key. Because her solution will never work again. I saw to that.


Lorrie Veasey said...

Can they come over and try to break into my house next? I need to know the chinks in the armored fortress.

zakary said...

Smart girlies! I want to know how they got in!

tkdmama said...

I'm forever locking myself out! Send her over to show me the tricks!


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