January 1, 2009

I celebrated the New Year by going back to work after 10 days off. It felt like Saturday all day long. In the last 14 days I have only worked 2 days. Having Christmas off for the first time in 12 years was Sweet. I'm pretty sure I put on more weight. I would weigh myself but I am too scared to get on a scale. Plus we can't find one. I guess I got that going for me.

New Years has always reminded me of Thanksgiving. It is the perfect time for reflection. This year has been unbelievable. Unimaginable changes have happened in our household and to our lives. Everything has been turned upside down.

In light of it all, I have a new outlook on life that I will be carrying in to the new year. I have a deeper sense of gratitude and respect for life in general. Nothing that I didn't already have before, but now things are more focused. I have a different sense of clarity.

I have made new friends this year and I am grateful for that. Seeing how people pull together in difficult times has been a blessing and at times a bit overwhelming. In my life alone the bonds between mother and daughter; husband and wife, and father and daughter have grown immeasurably.

This year my resolution is to be mindful of others. I will follow through on my other resolutions. I am going to do more exercise and eat healthier. I am going to smile more and frown less. And I am going to mow the lawn at least once this summer.


Lorrie Veasey said...

Happy New Year Beaux! I'm joining you on the whole mow the lawn resolution. Pretty sneaky being a city dweller-but I need at least one I am sure to keep.

zakary said...

Lo won my giveaway! Email me your address and I will get the book out to you. ;)

zakary said...

Zakaryw (at) gmail (dot) com


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