January 26, 2009

The Changing of Guards

If you are one of the few who missed the Presidential Inauguration then you should Check This Out . After looking at these photos featured in the Boston Globe I am reminded of my walk through the Mall almost two years ago on Easter Sunday. Our family skirted the Tidal Basin from the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, to the Jefferson Memorial and on to the Lincoln Memorial. It was freezing outside and it had just snowed the night before. We were all freezing and shivering as we walked around the Mall and we missed out on the cherry blossoms because of the freeze. As we wandered through the National Mall, Arlington Cemetary and the Smithsonian Museums over the next few days, I could not help but feel moved. I could feel the spirits of our countrymen, and it felt like ghost walking next to me. To look at the names carved into the Wall I wanted to cry. Seeing my reflection in the black stone I would think of my father and brother-in-laws and the all the men before them and after. The heart of the nation is etched in those walls. As I think of these things today, I am so proud of this nation. I am happy to live here.
For more than two hundred years we have had some great leaders walk these grounds. Like Olympians they pass the torch. The Presidential Inauguration is truly the Changing of Guards.


Lilly's Life said...

These are great photos. I watched it on TV here. Wonderful moment and I am sure things will improve now. Thanks for your comments on my blog too!

Lorrie Veasey said...

It's exciting isn't it?


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