December 13, 2008

The Zoo

If you live in one of the larger metropolitan cities, and you have small children, or you just like Christmas lights, chances are you've seen the Zoo Lights.
Last night after I got off of work my wife and I decided to take the girls out to Salt Lake City's Zoo Lights. This was the Zoo's second year displaying the lights and having never seen a million plus lights we thought it would be fun. Needless to say the girls had a great time and the temperatures were freezing and I caught a cold.

I can't imagine ever doing this again in the near or far future. Maybe in the very far future if there are grandchildren, but before that not so likely. Not this far north in America. Plus there would have to be blankets. Lots and lots of blankets.

The place was packed. And if you've never seen the animals resting in the night -- the freezing night -- it was really interesting to see them huddled in their corners tucked into themselves and shivering like the rest of us.


Heather said...

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Lorrie Veasey said...

The Bronx Zoo cancelled their Holiday Lights this year.


They claim it's part of reducing their carbon footprint, but day-um--couldn't they do that some other time of year?


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