December 24, 2008

Good Tidings, Good Cheer

I haven't been able to write for a while. And that bothers me. It makes me wonder if I am losing my focus. The possibility disturbs me because I don't want to be losing my focus. Not now - not yet. So I'm waiting to see what happens. Maybe I'm just distracted by the holidays. And work. And the multitude of other things I've got going on inside this head of mine. But honestly I don't think it's even that. I seem to have developed a laid back approach to everything. It's just a feeling that says, "I don't care."
I haven't bought one Christmas present this year. It is 1:15 pm on Dec 24 and I have yet to buy a present. Well actually that's not entirely true. I picked out a gift exchange present last night and two weeks ago I told my wife "I'll take that book and that book." Two presents for myself.
I would actually feel bad about not buying my wife something except we made a deal that we weren't getting each other anything. We already bought ourselves our big present on Black Friday. And she picked out two books for herself from me. This year we focused on the girls. Much like last year. And the year before...and the year before that...and the year...
This year my wife and I are going Christmas shopping for each other after Christmas. We talk about it every year, but this year we are actually doing it. Does that sound wrong? I don't think so. I mean I don't think Jesus cares one way or another if we're buying each other presents a couple of days later. He might actually be giving us a thumbs up on that one. It's the day that's important. And our whole family will be honoring the day anyways.
Maybe I should start working on some New Years resolutions. Set some goals. Real-a-list-tic Ones. They are always good for a laugh.

  • I will work on my exercise

  • I will continue to do household chores and work on any honey-do's that are necessary at the time. Or find some other way to get them done

  • I will have the girls do their chores before I let them go play

  • I will clean out my sock drawers

That should get me started. Hopefully I am just in a slump. Hopefully when Christmas is over I will be rejuvenated and things will seem better.

I hope everyone has a very

" Merry


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Lo said...

You just have to work through it, love. You will. We have much time. Don't give up.
And those were good books. I picked them myself, for cheap, at the work auction.
Word verification: drodyso
I drodyso the coming of winter. I hate snow.


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