October 3, 2008

NOTE TO MYSELF: Do not make up home remedies

The other day I came home exhausted. My legs were killing me because I had been scratching them all day. Several years ago I started showing signs of psoriasis and over the past few years it's gotten worse. Normally my psoriasis is something I don't care to talk about and it has been the cause of much pain and anguish. It is really living hell.
Tired and sore after a 12 hour day, I decided that I was going to take a bath. And not just any bath, I was going to take a real long bath. As I ran the water I thought that maybe I should try some bubbles. How great would that be? So I started off to the 'girls only bathroom' looking for the bubbles when it occurred to me that I had just bought an all-natural save the earth organic substance that I had been wanting to use. The product was a castile soap that promised wonderful things when diluted in certain measures. It could be used for a variety of things -- from cleaning your infant or the diaper pail, personal hygiene, or eliminating odors -- you name it. The trick was all in the dilution.
And thinking that I was really going to spoil myself, I probably added another half ounce to the first ounce I had already dumped into the tub. The smell of peppermint told me that this was just going to be great.

I spent the first few minutes scrubbing my legs. And I mean really really really scrubbing my legs. I was going to get rid of the pain and get my relief. After 10 minutes I realized I wasn't getting any relief. And if I wasn't mistaken I was actually starting to feel worse. As I slowly stood up to rinse all the soap off my body, I winced. My skin felt like it was on fire and looking at my legs, they were beet red. I wanted to scream as the water hit my skin. But that might draw attention and the last thing I wanted was attention. I didn't want anyone to know about this stupid thing I had just done. Best to just grin and bear it. My little secret.
When I was done I put on a long pair of pajama bottoms and went downstairs. Every move I made hurt my skin. I realized that my skin was starting to stick to my pants as I shifted around trying to sit down. My wife (somehow noticing my discomfort) was asking me if I was alright, "Yeah," I quietly mumbled while inaudibly adding, "It's all just rosey."
I went to bed that night cursing myself. Thinking I should have grabbed the bubbles. And for three days I walked around trying to not let my clothes touch my skin. That's a real hard one to pull off. It's like getting a paper cut and then bumping it all day long.
I was going to keep this a secret, but when I came home tonight the first thing I thought about was taking a nice long bath. Yeah, that wasn't going to last very long.


tkdmama said...

Oh my!! Home remedies are evil things:)

zakary said...

I bet it was Dr. Bronner's! That stuff is strong. Can't imagine what it that felt like.

Thanks for following my blog and I will be checking in with you!

Take care,


TKD...Yes! And sometimes they burn.

Zakary...I'm not going to come out and say that is was DB, but there's a good chance that it might have been DB. Thanx for reading and it's been my pleasure following your blog.

I have to go. It's popcorn night and 'Chuck' is on.


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