September 14, 2008

T.V. is not going to watch itself.

Two years ago we went to Yellowstone on vacation. It was a happy time. The temperature was close to perfect. My youngest daughter Alyson had just turned 9 years old. We bought her a Wii for her Birthday. Lois and I searched for weeks trying to find one. It wasn't until the day before we left on our trip that we finally found one. That morning Lois and I called around the valley until we reached the Game Stop and they said that they had a couple left. Lois raced across the valley and just barely purchased the last system when a young boy came in moments later asking if they had any left. Now that was close. Later when our trip was over we would all play golf or bowling. The girls and their friends use it quite frequently, getting together every so often when one of them happens to buy a new game. They'll hold marathon games and drag their gear from house to house until they all tire. Then the joysticks and paddles get put away until somebody else gets the next new game.

A lot has happened since then. Whenever I think about Yellowstone I think about that Wii game. I was thinking pretty soon I might just benefit from that gaming system. I hear they are working wonders in convalescent homes and it is fastly becoming the new physical therapy session among the elderly. What's more, I hear they are fun. I suspect I'll be cashing in on that physical therapy aspect real soon. I feel weaker these days. The ol energy level is way down. My biggest problem is I have no discipline. I keep telling myself T.V. isn't going to watch itself. But that's just a pack of lies. I know that now. Just thinking about getting off the couch to ride the bike is exhausting.
There are things happening to my body. My breath is short and I feel irregular heartbeats from time to time. I really do feel sick. My heart sinks when the nausea comes or when I get dizzy. It makes me want to cry. I Pray to God that nothing makes me sick because I'm afraid that once it starts it won't stop. My mind says that I have to keep it at bay. But I know this flood is on its way.

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